Helping the Planet with NorCal Containers

norcal helps the planet with recyced containersLarge metal boxes don’t initially seem like they would benefit the environment, but NorCal has found multiple ways to address the needs of our customers while maintaining our core value of helping the planet.


Reuse, Repair, Recycle

It starts at the foundation of our family-run business. Every person on the team maintains a high standard of reliability and performance that adheres to the NorCal values. We not only offer new containers for our customers but also used containers. We recycle old boxes from other businesses and suppliers to reduce our planet’s waste, even going so far as repairing broken or damaged containers so that they can be utilized again. Whether new or used, we inspect every container before it’s sold.

Efficient Delivery

NorCal uses our own trucks for delivery so that we can better control our top level of service to the customer. In addition, our late model trucks and trailers are fuel efficient. So whether you want delivery in California, Nevada, or Oregon, we can get there quickly and with a smaller carbon footprint. Not to mention that the efficiency transfers to your pocketbook. When we save, so do our clients.

Alternate Uses

You may have heard about the latest trend in tiny homes: the conex container. The steel frame withstands elements and can support a green roof (including solar paneling). Due to the small size and little architectural addition, money that would otherwise go into construction can be used for those green initiatives.

Really, any NorCal Container can be used for a variety of tasks outside of basic shipping and storage. A container can be used as a house, garage, office, stables, greenhouse, underground shelter, and many other spaces. That means that even after the initial purpose has passed, the containers can be recycled again for an entirely different use.

In fact, containers that have previously been sitting idle across the country and around the world are now being bought to construct full-size apartment buildings and other projects. These types of construction are more durable, take 50% less time to build, and save an average of 30% over other building methods!

About the Author:
NorCal strives to continue searching for ways to reduce environmental clutter and pollution. We seek suppliers who share our goals and customers who appreciate our methods. If there is a product you’d like to receive more information about or if you have general questions about our business or delivery process, don’t hesitate to call us at 530-859-2505.